Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beginning 2017
Camp at Pounawea

We began our year with a very exciting week away in the Catlins exploring the local environment.
We challenged ourselves in all sorts of ways and got to know each other really well.
A rare treat

McLeans Falls

Jacks Blowhole

Nugget Point


Monday, December 12, 2016

Goodbye Mrs Tansley

We have loved having you as our teacher this year Mrs Tansley; we appreciate all the things that you have done for us and all your wonderful hard work. Also a big thank you to Mrs Hunter who started the year with us and Miss Reid who stepped in to teach us in term two and of course to Mrs B for our wonderful Wednesday afternoons. We have learnt a lot and having such lovely, caring teachers makes our school days really special.

Room 6

William and Max say thank you

                                                                            William has enjoyed his time here at Outram.He particularly enjoyed going to camp at Pounawea last year. This was a really new experience for him.

                                                                                Max has now had 6 years at Outram School. We have loved having Max as a member of our class. We would especially like to thank Rochelle, Amelia and Becs for all the help they have given Max this year.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Our Year

My years at Outram School so far have been great because I loved seeing my friends everyday. The best thing I have ever done at Outram School is biscuiting on Waihola Day. This was so amazing; I would love to do it again. I'm really happy I'm staying at Outram School until Year 8 so I can enjoy all the other things we will do.


I have been at Outram School since 2010 and I have loved every year and every opportunity. Over the past few years I have done geology with Mr Beaton and I have loved that! A few words I could use to sum up my time at Outram are amazing, achievement and new opportunities. I have had two camps Waihora and Pounawea with School and these were fantastic.


In the six years I have been at Outram School I have been lucky enough to make good friends and be part of the Crazy Monkeys!

Jacob C

My time at Outram School has been enjoyable and unique. Two challenges I have really enjoyed were the Maths Mates and the University Problem Solving. The latter was more challenging but fun whilst the Maths Mates were laid back.

The Outdoor Activity I have enjoyed the most was the Waihola Day because I got to try lots of new activities. All my teachers have been helpful and I have enjoyed being in their classes. I would have liked to have had Mrs Hunter teach me for more of the year.

Mrs B has been a great librarian and the activities she organized for us to do were always enjoyable and a highlight of the week. I will miss Outram and all of my friends next year but I am sure Columba will have many opportunities for me in the years to come.


So many memories occurred here at Outram that I don't know where to start. Camp, camp Pounawea was AMAZING! I especially loved the Confidence Course. Waihola Day, it was a bit unfortunate that it was raining but at least the lake was warm! Rainy days were always fun. In the end Outram will be my favourite school, always.


This year I have rally enjoyed getting to know my class. I had fun throughout the year building the bridges, writing reports and taking part in all the fun and wacky Allen Centre activities. I'm going to miss my class mates. Options Day was really out of my comfort zone and a great experience. I'm really looking forward to camp next year apart fromthe crazy long trip.


I have really enjoyed this year in Room 6. The thing I enjoyed the most was Options Day and tramping. I am looking forward to next year with Mrs Hunter.


This year I really enjoyed being in Room 6 and having Mrs Tansley as a teacher. Some of my achievements for this year have been: winning the first place in my age group and the overall performance prize at the Outram School talent contest. I also won the junior section at Taieri's Got Talent at the Mosgiel Market Day.

This year I really enjoyed our senior tramp to the Organ Pipes up Mount Cargill. I loved our Allen Centre programme with Mrs B and her Masterchef programme madness.

I have enjoyed playing touch rugby and cricket. I will really miss Outram School as I move on to John McGlashan College next year but I know that the friends I have here and the great memories I have will be with me forever.


I really enjoyed being in Room 6 because I got to take part in some cool activities. Biscuiting at Waihola would have to be my favourite. Biscuiting is something I don't do very often. I found it very exciting zooming along on an inflatable shark with my friend; screaming till our lungs were sore.


This is my last week of Outram School and my past three years have been amazing. Something that has stood out to me has been camp. It was so much fun and I loved all of the activities. Another thing I loved was Waihola Day. Even though it rained all day it was still so much fun especially the water activities. I am going to miss Outram School especially the amazing teachers.


In the six years of school I have been very luck to attend Outram. Outram is a great place for kids the teachers are great and kind. One of my achievements has been Otago Under 13's hatch Hockey team 2016. I have also made Otago Touch teams for the last two years. To sum it up Outram has been a great school.


This year has been awesome with so many successes like CAPES; it has been fantastic. I got gold for physical. I made the Otago Under 11's metro team in rugby and was made captain. The teachers have been fun and exciting and everything is new everyday. Thank you.

Jacob W.

At the picnics it was very awesome and the slide was amazing. My favourite thing at school has been camping like in Pounawea. Those were the good times.


As we look ahead to 2017 and feel excited about new schools, new uniforms and new friends it's hard not to recognise the great six years I have had at Outram School. What makes Outram School stand out for me is the opportunities it has given me throughout my primary years. A big one this year for me was being a PAL . I got to create leadership skills and co-operation. My time wouldn't have been the same without the support from friends and teachers. I have especially enjoyed my Wednesday afternoons with Mrs B; every time we went there was something new and exciting to discover. So thank you for making my time at Outram so amazingly enjoyable.


Outram School 2016 has been a great year. I was lucky enough to have Mrs Tansley and Miss Reid as my teachers. Room 6 has been amazing and has prepared me for high school years. The thing i am going to miss most will be my great friends and wonderful teachers.


Outram School has been lots of fun. My favourite part this year was Waihola Day. I hope I will enjoy Taieri College.


Before leaving I want to thank and remember all those people who made my experience at Outram the best it could be. I enjoyed cooking, writing, reading, the Allen Centre and our trip to the Organ Pipes. I want to thank the people who helped out with all this and made great experiences for me. I hope our high schools will bring as many good memories.


I have had a great fun year this year. From Otago Tennis to Have a go Netball I liked everything but I wouldn't say I loved maths.We have also had a few teachers and they are all great. I am sad that some of my friends are leaving. This year has gone so fast. In my opinion I have had a great year.


My six years at Outram School have been great. Now I am moving on to year 7 and 8. My highlight of the year is Masterchef. This was my highlight because I got to eat it. It was yum. I cannot wait for year 7 and 8.


In all my time at Outram School I've really enjoyed everything. This is my last year in Room 6 and then I'm moving along to Room 5 for the last two years.

William M

This year has been amazing; my favourite thing has to be Options Day; I loved going scuba diving with Marty and Mrs Hunter. I am looking forward to camp at Stewart Island.


This is my last week at Outram School and for the past six years I have been here I have had the best experience of my life. I am going to miss all the teachers and all my friends, but sadly I need to move on to a place where I can make more friends and learn much more stuff. I can't believe how fast my past six years have gone by. I can still remember my first day and year at this school and remember me saying "I'm going to have a good time at this school". I wish I could stay but I have to go. I am going to miss all the teachers and all my friends. I am really going to miss everyone at this school.


This year in Room 6 we have had three teachers Mrs Hunter, Mrs Tansley and Miss Reid. It was  a bit confusing at the start but now it's easy to remember which day is which. My highlights this year are Waihola day, Options day and Master Chef


I have had a good six years at Outram School.  All the teachers I have had have been great and I have loved what they have taught me - except for maths! My favourite part was going to the picnic because I got to have fun with my friends before I leave to go to John McGlashan.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fun Run

Today was our Fun Run. It rained at the start but that didn't dampen our spirits. Here we are setting off in our house teams.